A field day on demonstration of intensive onion cultivation technology in the Nooken rayon of the Jalal-Abad oblast.

On June 3 2020, a field day was held in the Aral village, the purpose of which was to familiarize all participants with the technology of growing onions by a mechanized method.

 A field work on onion cultivation in the villages of Aral, Dostuk and Burgondu are mainly carried out by hand, and onion producers are experiencing shortage of specialized equipment, the use of which would significantly increase productivity and labor efficiency. In order to build a sustainable onion chain, within the project, two sets of agricultural machinery were purchased.

Onion producer-farmers have acquired an excellent opportunity to reduce the costs from cultivating crops using the services of MTS providers, thus reducing the cost of production and saving time. Undoubtedly, the development of a mechanized method of onion production in Nooken rayon will significantly increase the income of farmers and contribute to the financial stability of their households. These activity was carried out in the framework of “Establishment of Sustainable Onion VC in Nooken rayon of Jalal-Abad oblast which is realized by TES-Centre, Aral Elim Barsynby and Agrocredit Plus within the project “Integrated Rural Development” of German Society for International Development”(GIZ) and со-financed by the European Union and Germany Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development(BMZ).